Welcome To Young Carers

Crossroads Young Carers Project were the first charity in Northern Ireland to recognise the vital role children play in caring for an ill/disabled family member on a daily basis. Crossroads Young Carers Project’s aim is to provide support for children who ‘care’ for another member of their family who may be ill, disabled, have mental health problems or an addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Crossroads believe that children and young people acting in a caring capacity within their families should enjoy the same life chances as all other children. Crossroads hold these Young Carers in the highest esteem because of their dedication and commitment to their families. Often these children and young people have surrendered much of their childhood to their family responsibilities.

The aims of the Young Carers Project

  • To raise awareness about the issue of Young Carers amongst health, education, social work and leisure agencies
  • To identify Young Carers
  • To offer support services to Young Carers and their families
  • To reduce social exclusion for Young Carers
  • To reduce physical, emotional and social problems among Young Carers
Crossroads Caring for Carers

How Can I Help?

Learn what we need volunteers to do. Discover how to become a volunteer and get involved at Crossroads Young Carers.

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